Angyalföldi Sportközpont 1139 Budapest, Rozsnyay utca 4

Gábor Korózs

President of the Hungarian Kennel Club

I got my first wire-haired dachshund in 1982 from my parents and brother.
Born into a cynologist family, at the age of 18 I won the world hunting title with my self-trained wire-haired dachshund.

In Hungary, the first two Working Interchampion dachshunds were from my kennel.

Over the years, my dachshund kennel ’Diana’ has proudly won several European and World titles.

My wife and I founded the ’Óhungarikum’ komondor kennel in 1994, which was a lifelong commitment to the Hungarian dog breeds.

In 2001, with a Komondor living in my kennel, we brought the breed worldwide recognition with a series of successes: Porto World Dog Show BIS III., Dortmund Bundessieger BIS, Paris Longchamp BIS, Amsterdam Winner BIS.
Our Komondor kennel prides itself of 37 International Dog Show BIS, 42 World Winner, 28 European Winner titles./

I mapped the gene preservation possibilities of the Komondor breed throughout the world during several European, American and Asian exhibition tours.
In 1989, I took the international hunting dog judge exam, had my FCI judge debut in 1991 in FCI Group IV, which continued with the terrier breed group due to family reasons, my mentor and teacher being my respected and beloved brother András Korózs; two years later I trained to be a judge of the Hungarian herding breeds (Komondor, Kuvasz, Puli, Pumi, Mudi).
My proudest moment was judging in the Best In Show program at the World
Dog Show 2013 in Budapest, awarding the Best Hungarian Herding Breed title.

I am the founder as well as the chief director along with my brother of one of the most famous international dog shows in Hungary, the Lipica CACIB Show in Szilvásvárad. In 2023 I became the elected president of the Hungarian Kennel Club, as well as being a board member for 6 years prior.


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